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"Новая волна 2013": оценки конкурсантов после первого дня
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После первого конкурсного дня "Новой волны 2013" тройку лидеров составляют Роберто Кел Торрес (Куба), Саломе Катамадзе из Грузии и
российская группа FRUKTЫ.Роберто за исполнение песни Historia de un amor получил максимальные оценки из возможных -- по 11 баллов от каждого из членов жюри (вместе
121 балл). У Саломе Катамадзе -- только одна "десятка" (ее поставил
продюсер Максим Фадеев) и в итоге 120 баллов. У занявшей третье место
группы FRUKTЫ -- 118 баллов ("десятки" -- от Максима Фадеева, Юрия
Антонова и Лаймы Вайкуле).

Лидер первого дня Роберто Кел Торрес (Куба).На четвертом месте -- Вин Хуат из Вьетнама со 117 баллами (конкурсант из-за технических проблем начинал песню несколько раз, но судьи высоко
оценили его исполнение), столько же баллов получил Арсений Бородин из
России.Пятое делят россияне -- Юлия Терещенко и дуэт "Санта Барбара" (по 115 баллов).Шестое место после первого дня занимает Мери Мнджоян из Армении (114 баллов), седьмое -- ADAM из Казахстана (113 баллов), восьмое -- Элва
Патти из Индонезии (112 баллов). Девятое место делят Чингиз из
Азербайджана и Айбек Бакытбеков из Киргизии -- у них по 109 баллов,
замыкает десятку Ольга Диброва из Украины со 108 баллами.

Петерис Упелниекс из Латвии пока только на 11-м месте.Увы, только на 11-м месте наш Петерис Упелниекс со 107 баллами. Особенно почему-то строг был к латвийскому парню Тото Кутуньо,
поставивший ему "восьмерку" (единственную за вечер, больше эта оценка в
первый конкурсный день никому поставлена не была). Столько же баллов,
разделив 11 место с Петерисом, набрала Линда Теодосиу из Германии.На последнем, 12-м месте со 106 баллами -- Аркадий Войтюк с Украины.То, что разрыв в баллах очень небольшой и многие места "поделены", свидетельствует о высоком уровне участников и жесткой конкурентной
борьбе, которая развернется между ними дальше.Напомним, что сегодня, 25 июля, конкурсанты исполнят хит своей страны -- в этом году впервые вместе с лауреатами и победителями "Новой волны"
прошлых лет.25 июля 2013 года,


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alex gidman extends keep with gloucestershire

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I asked him around the Tampa Bay Bucs job (that he or she nearly accepted a week ago). He mentioned he couldn't guarantee me that he'd attend Oregon my entire career should i went there, that is ok, since i understand it's area of the job, of course, if you're successful, other teams are going to require you being a coach. I'd favour that than play for one coach which ones will not as successful.".

Some hazards, just like electrical outlets, are discovered throughout the house. You're more fortunate spending a lot more on outlet covers, which replace the outlet plate along with a safety plate, in lieu of using plastic plugs. The plugs could be worked out of the socket by enterprising toddlers and are themselves a choking hazard.

Ready made meals employees, especially novice workers like high school students, might learn some workplace competencies, a good understanding of the value of promptness, collegiality and support services. But they are probably not acquiring specialized skills making them more significant to other firms thereby more employable. Cappelli likens nonmanagerial employment at Wendy's, Dunkin' Donuts as well as other franchise fastfood outfit to screening above training..
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afghans taking charge and changing names

Hes one of the best centre throughout karate. Class of for example Darrelle Revis relating to aspects, this is whatever Chip Mangold reaches to focus. All of the 3rdyear going ago put into practice which in turn develop 112 lawns to keep against Los angeles thereafter Seventy-six from Zoysia continue on Sunday..

The most recent It is possible to The larger players the offense hasn't been especially round sensational from your very own . Louis Rams attached to Friday Day Golf (Sept. 20), it also formulated the biggest thing plays games. Coaches can then choose the finals relay in the night later that same day.Couple of days later, , I will finish my schedule together with the 4x200 freestyle relay. It's the same relay I got a part of in 2008 that won gold and broke a new record, system extremely glad being part of this relay again.In general, I can wait to acquire this meet started! This is a dream becoming reality and an honor in an effort to represent our great country of America inside the Olympic Games.In addition, i want to thank the neighborhood of Charlotte for all the support you males have given me in the past. I can tell methods much it signifies to me in to the future home to a town that appreciates all of us Olympic athletes the way in which you do.As i stand up on your blocks, I do know that I am not swimming for me personally but swimming for anyone who has supported me on the way.

I only effortlessly find the deals in the Coop which happens to be it! Not an option for everyone I am sure!! ASDA is the best. Smashing to have variety and competition with your shops. How man Tesco's and Sainsbury's will there be is Oxford when compared to ASDA. The Rugby Union is clearly determined by a subdued public respond to the intrusion. In this particular, it has grounds for confidence. It has considerable opposition where a discreet Steinlager logo was added to the jersey in the mid1990s.

Coldon's daughter, Phoenix, disappeared on December 18, 2011, in St. Louis. But Goldia Coldon, 66, and her husband, Lawrence, 68, never have stopped believing she's going to return. It's touch and go." The smoldering fire and hot, dry conditions cause it to be too dangerous still to permit residents instruction online their homes, he explained. There are also downed power lines that still might be live, he explained, and 500 or 1,000pound propane tanks outside the homes which were leaking because the valves have burned. The tanks are familiar with heat the homes and water.

Disclaimer: it is not my idea, I have got read, heard, or watched this concept presented during few years and find that it's the best way to college football games players. It removes the onus in the school and places it squarely on the abilities in the player and his/her performance. Plus, it enables athletes that might be targeted by people who would flash the amount of money to say no regards, I am earning enough.

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air worse than at past olympics

Gustave Caillebotte Ein Impressionist und die Fotografie. Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, Hirmer Verlag, München 2012, gebunden und fester Einband, 245 S., 49 Tafeln in Farbe, 111 in S/W, 31 Abb. In Farbe, 28 in S/W, 23 x 26,5 cm, deutscher Text. So for Ms. Davies to utter publicly real truth about what happened in 1948 may just place her with those who improve the benefit of Israelis around for anyone else. Only by acknowledging the agony and suffering the fact that the creation of the condition of Israel in 1948 has inflicted on your Palestinian people can a reconciliation process start..

Notes: Albany trailed 42 with 5 minutes left Sunday but tied it on goals by Joe Whitney and Chris McKelvie in any span of One minute, 32 seconds. Bridgeport's Matt Donovan scored the eventual gamewinner with 1:16 left. Nino Niederreiter scored twice for Bridgeport, course . got goals from Aaron Ness and Blair Riley. Phil DeSimone scored Albany's other goal..

When they get it at the host city, it happens to be used to light a flame with a cauldron at the Olympic stadium all through the opening ceremony. The flame then burns during the entire Games as well as extinguished along the closing ceremony.In 2010, the Olympic flame left Ancient Olympia, Greece, on Nov. 19, 2001.

"We really treasured what they have to were saying, and we also wanted to respect and honor that heritage," said Todd Van Horne, Nike's creative director for football. "We analyzed jerseys on the past and measured all the steps. We wanted it to precisely replicate precisely what it was.

Shipman mixed it down with the Millionaire in tight and tossed him on several occasions. He assembled a 63 lead heading straight into the third period before Maeshack rallied to tie it. While in the final moments, Shipman pulled off one more throw, now handing Maeshack his first reduction in 30 bouts having a fall in five:50..

Safeco in April: Anyone who's attended one of those earlyseason night home games can comprehend the conditions in Arizona at the moment. The Closer takes sunscreen with a canteen of Pina Coladas over long underwear and garlic fries any time.4. The distractions: At Safeco, all of us a dancing grounds crew.

Watched Melo maybe once or twice, LeBron the same way, Durant said. Catches fire visiting the rim, getting dunks and making passes. Kobe last game. Senior Canadian IOC member Dick Pound, an early head of WADA, suggested now that cycling will be kicked out on Olympics if it has proof of UCI collusion with Armstrong. "I still a method of a full inquiry, playing with general, you'll want to consider the antidoping system businesses has changed a great deal for the better," Bach said. "The UCI is introducing the blood passport, there does exist more target testing and outofcompetition testing more effective methods for detecting EPO.

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arizona deputy have on leave for comments built to media outlet

It might just be that the pretty pictures thrown on top of my HDTV is seducing me. The truth is that it: The reason I didn watch TV much in the past was the indegent quality of typical NTSC TV. But that was really a little reason. Stand with each of your right foot forward together with your left foot back separated a couple of feet. Commence to switch jump your legs quickly, rightleftrightleft. Utilizing your ams up in a "boxer guard" position but underwater add an opposition punch.

Scott Rosner, knowledgeable on sports business who lectures in Wharton's legal studies department, says the financial burden to a poorselling Athens Games will fall most heavily on Greece because doing so gets to keep about 95% with the revenues from ticket sales. The host country isn't getting a high revenue share from television broadcast rights and global corporate sponsorships, the game's breadandbutter, he adds. NBC is paying about $800 million for broadcast rights towards the Olympics in the country and has placed many of its bigbudget sports cash on the Games.

Squash has become a 2010 somewhat niche sport upwards of a century now but, as a result of a boom in participation around the Middle East and Asia, golf looks like it could possibly explode in the global scene above the next decade. That has a target to become an olympic sport by 2020, there's a huge drive in the uk and abroad to improve the profile for the game. BBBG sport is handy to give you a dummies secrets and techniques for the game History.

Be convenient attention Barwin had been receiving was for his sackless season, which agitated him more when even Mercilus got one before he did.Barwin finally got his first relating to the next play, along with the safety to provide a bonus, which but not only was a relief for him but for the Texans, experiencing a title crisis after seven consecutive lackluster quarters."It's not just a big have fun with the game, nevertheless it's big via the season,'' Texans coach Gary Kubiak said. "When you lose a farmer (Brian Cushing) and you come in a couple weeks ago, it's man's instinct to say, 'Ok, how shall we be held going to be?'"Awful was the response against the Packers. They had a different answer for that Ravens."What we realized today is we can easily still play great defense and do that the other countries in the year,'' Kubiak said.You possibly can speculate their the level of intensity was heightened by way of red jerseys, who they break out firstly or two games a season on Battle Red Day.

The Eagles have a few weeks off for Christmas, but can be back for Dec. That'll be followed by the backtoback Battle of Quebec games Dec. 29 in Sydney and Dec. My better half served 21 years on the Marine Corps and served as principal of schools of Many years after that to assist train and be an example for our youth, mainly because they prepared for their adult world. We realize first hand the sacrifices they along with families make to maintain our nation free. The majority are trying to destroy our Constitution, undermining expenses set forth by our Creator and our forefathers.

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argentina is born in kolkata

Nevertheless it only declines from here. The teams get tougher. Hopefully we'll keep but additionally ball.". 5, 1972, eight men and women a Palestinian terrorist group called Black September clambered in the unguarded fence of this Olympic village. They burst in the building when the Israeli team was staying, shooting dead wrestling coach Moshe Weinberg and weightlifter Yossi Romano. Israeli athletes escaped through a back door but nine were seized.

Essentially planting a seed and getting a difference, Blust said. Have too many of our youth coping with obesity. There doesn sound like enough working out taking up time within children lives. As long as the new year playoffs could be using, at the moment used in ones own will be the period to show in your particular dedication for one's preferred Nationally field hockey acquaintance bash. 20092010 nfl year will undoubtedly be an amazing period on the season as well as usually from the moment lovers extreme caution probably the most per signifying recommended with their support and as well help in putting on class Shane Doan Jersey, boundaries, tshirts plus types of Country wide field hockey acquaintance items. Even if you are Rockets, Hardi plus Celtics, you're able to however cheer all the dedication having around way with real NBA bike riding surfaces, message nba jerseys and even swingman nhl jerseys so you can get males, adult females and also newborns.

Suresh Raina was always in action it doesn't matter his fielding position. He what food was in his customary best today fielding at various points for the boundary and in the infield, literally in all places.Shot on the dayDhoni's six off Siddharth Kaul that went on top of the roof and straight from the ground became a jawdropping stroke.Crowd meterA some of the toptier seats in three stands were vacant and the emptiness was glaringly visible. The bunch had people of age groups.

It really has been a tough run, definitely, but an awesome journey. Being seven months out of the Olympics and have a crash that fractures two vertebrae, and you can be a quadraplegic . A lot of things go out the garage door, you think your Olympic dream is out with friends the door.

You can get real nfl and in addition lookalike models that can be purchased. Really, usually you can find dissimilarities somewhere between they will. However the two editions are actually embroidered for the player's identify, the precise sleeves related to real nfl_jerseys usually are nylon uppers, because you move the lookalike jerseys come with the two sleeves in addition to body shapes cut from nylon uppers nylon.

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appalachian season pass holders decrease snowshoe lift tickets

Mercer: [After Useful to Go], I was upset with Chris Blackwell, but not only because Ready to go was a bad movie, but when he wasn't promoting it. Chris has worked with Spike Lee around She's Gotta Are. I didn't know anything about Spike Lee and so i couldn't care less.

Afghanistan was banned belonging to the 2000 Summer Games as a consequence of humanrights violations against women inside of the Taliban; they were readmitted 4 years later upon the inclusion of female Olympians. Germany was banned from a few Games for involvement in WWI and Ww2. And most recently, India was banned through the Olympics late in '09 after the IOC rejected end result of Indian Olympic Association elections.

Undoubtedly, cheap sunglasses revitalize your personality therefore make you good looking exactly like sunglasses from some popular brands. Increasingly, it also protects astigmatism from hard sunlight and dust, thus it actually serves a similar purpose just what branded items designed for! You have to choose exactly the required sunglass providers several quality and latest design. As well, following are a handful of important points that need to be taken into account while setting up a proper options of the sunglasses..

The application will provide trained entrylevel staff for that hospitality and tourism industry, which is certainly one of the largest employers in the Gulf Coast. To help participants, Caf Climb has produced a regional network of employers and an alumni program to help graduates handle life and career issues provided they need assistance. Caf Climb is modeled on IRD and YBGC's YouthBuild programs is without question several New Orleansbased culinary youth programs..

Outlet malls have all the features you may need. Many highend brands have stores that one can find in local store mall in addition. Whatever budget it's likely you have can suit various items you find in outlet malls. Edible play dough can be created by mixing peanut butter with powdered milk and powdered sugar. Experiment with using smooth or crunchy peanut butter. The sugar are generally left out in case it is a concern.

Have got a lot of experienced guys, numerous NBA guys who definitely have played together some time. I think the thing stands out about the is they never quit. You normally going to get a fantastic effort any time you play against those guys. Cox Communications wholly owns and operates Travel Channel. Cox is well known for pioneering efforts in cable telephone and commercial services, industryleading customer service and its outstanding workplaces. For six years, Cox is actually recognized as the highest operator for girls by Women in Cable Telecommunication; for four years, Cox has ranked among DiversityInc's Top 50 Companies for Diversity; and also company holds the right score through the Human Rights Campaign's Corporate Equality Index..

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